The Importance Of Mastering One Activity At A Time When Starting Your E-Commerce Business

It is very easy to get carried away when you first start your own online business. It can seem that you are literally deluged with advice from every side. When you search for information about traffic driving and type in online business you are presented with a bewildering array of sites to go to for information and “once in a lifetime” offers of free this and free that. We know from the experience of talking to many clients just starting that they can easily get lost and feel that they are drowning in a virtual quagmire of information. This can also engender a feeling of panic if you let it get out of control. How to avoid this? The secret is to concentrate on one thing at a time and master it. When it is mastered, then use a certain amount of your profits to paying for outsourcing that activity. Then go onto the next method of traffic driving and do exactly the same. Repeat the process of learning about it, doing it and then outsourcing it as a process. If you try to do otherwise, for example try to master article marketing, using social media, learning about and employing social bookmarking and trying to make videos, you will be building a learning curve that is almost vertical and in the short term virtually unscaleable!

In answer to the question “Where should I start?”. Our best advice is to start with article marketing. The reason being is that writing is a skill you have learned from an early age and one which you use constantly. You do not have to learn about setting up social media accounts or about maximising their content for your business. You simply work with the keyboard in the same way as you do on a daily basis. Obviously there are rules to be observed in the way your articles are written and presented. However it is far easier to adapt rather than learn from new as you do with so many other methods of driving prospective customers to your online business. Never mind the fact that you are alerted to all sorts of methods of driving traffic and that the so called “gurus” advertise a new way to drive tens of thousands of eager customers to your business and you can have this for a very modest investment. As in all things the methods that work are not overnight wonders, but tried and trusted processes that have stood the test of time. If you are tempted to try that new all singing and dancing method of traffic driving which you are told you “must” take up before they purveyor has completely sold out, beware. If it is so good, it will more than likely be around for a long time and you will have every chance to try it out in your own time, not someone else’s.

Tips for Doing Business in Melbourne

The city of Melbourne is located towards the South-East part of Australia and is known to have the second largest population in Australia which is approximately 3.7 million. Melbourne is also the state capital of Victoria.

This city of Melbourne is often called as the Marvelous Melbourne by many of the Australians. Because of its positive outlook and also its people, this place has now become the one of the best places to be in business. Melbourne is a major city of commerce and cultural activity as well. This makes it the cultural and the sporting capital of Australia. This place has also been voted as the best livable cities in the World.

Let us now have a look at doing business in Melbourne. Most of the Melbourne business owners are known to be very hard working and open to many new ideas. They are also very passionate about what they are into and most of them also have love for football. They are also known to be very friendly with their fellow co-workers and also turn to internet in huge numbers. These are some of the factors which do bring many people to Melbourne for their business.

Melbourne – The Business and the Investment Hub of Australia:

This city of Melbourne has the convention facilities which are of International standards. The Melbourne Exhibition and the Convention Centre are known to have the largest place with close to 50 meeting rooms, three state of the art theatres and all this with an exhibition space of 10,000 sq m. The World Congress Centre is also known to have a large number of meeting rooms.

Office Hours in Melbourne:

The regular business hours are Monday to Friday from 0900 – 1730 and some of the government office also close at 1700. Like in many other places, business here is also conducted over coffee. The Australian business people are also approachable, informal and are known to use first names. Formal attire is mostly followed for business purpose but this is flexible during warm summers.

The Workforce:

Melbourne boots of highly skilled and talented pool of people. This is possible with the presence of eight institutes with International reputation in Melbourne. More than half of the population here are holders of a Graduate or a Post Graduate degree.

Opportunities in Melbourne:

If one plans of doing a business in Melbourne, it is a must to know about the retail opportunities present in this city. The state government in Melbourne has launched a Retail Strategy in the year 2006 which makes Melbourne the international destination for retail outlets. Business related to Clothing and Fashion are always known to crowd pullers in the city of Melbourne.

Melbourne is also one of the top destinations to house business headquarters to many of the international companies. We can also find some of the IT industry leaders like IBM, Siemens, etc having their headquarters in Melbourne.

With the economy of Australia booming like never before, and with the government planning many new initiatives, Melbourne is definitely one of the best and the upcoming business destinations in the World. So, planning for the new Business? Head to Melbourne.

How to Market Your Business With YouTube

Now that Google owns YouTube, it is important for any business to start creating video content and get it out on the web. The algorithm that Google’s search engine uses takes a lot of notice in websites that include video. Having videos on your site will up its quality and boost your page rank.

Social media makes video content even easier to share and “go viral.” You don’t want your business to be left behind, so make sure that you are including videos as a part of your marketing strategy.

YouTube is the leader in video sharing and it makes it so easy to embed your link on your website. This shortens the download time so that customers who visit your site can view your content faster.

To get the most out of YouTube and your video content, here are some tips you need to follow:

Keep the Camera Rolling

If you see an opportunity to create a new video, take it! Make a video tutorial. Spotlight each of your products or services in separate videos. Make a compilation of taped customer testimonials. Make announcements for upcoming events or new products. Make a video that gives a complete overview of your company and employees. Let customers see your goofy side with a behind-the-scenes glimpse of your operation.

Production Value Matters

How much you choose to spend on producing your videos depends on the level of quality you want. You don’t have to sink a lot of money into an extravagant video. The important thing is to get your message out there. The sound quality of your video is extremely important, so you will want to invest in a good microphone.

What You Say Matters

Just like the written content on your website, what you say in your videos is very important. You don’t just want viewers. You want to attract new customers. Include your keywords in your video description and tags. It is also a good idea to have a keyword in your title. These will make it easier for people to find your videos outside of your social media and website.

Be Involved in the YouTube Community

Find videos that relate to your business and leave comments. Include links to your own website in your comments. Share other people’s videos on your social networking sites. Set up your own YouTube channel. Whenever you make a new video, upload it onto your personal channel. When you have subscribers to your channel, you get to send out emails to them. Include the link to your website in your video description. Link your videos to your social networks too.

Incorporate Brand Recognition

Your business has its own tone of voice so make sure that is reflected in your videos. If your company is casual and fun, make sure your videos are too. Be sure to have your company logo displayed at the start or finish of your videos. Use your brand colors whenever you can. Give viewers a call to action at the end of your videos by inviting them to give you a call or visit your website. Building awareness and recognition of your brand is important in broadening your customer base.

YouTube has thousands of video uploads each day and even more daily viewers. Your business needs to utilize this platform to help further your marketing efforts.

Are you using YouTube as part of your social marketing plan? What types of videos could you be creating for your company? Share with us!